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What is Global Dimming?


A recently discovered  phenomenon, Global Dimming, is now being recognised by scientists as real and needs to be addressed urgently….

What exactly is global dimming?

Global dimming is a recently discovered phenomenon that reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of our planet. Until recently, scientists had dismissed the published evidence, since it directly opposed the evidence and observations for global warming.


Health effects of food additives


If you need to study a controversial topic, look no further!    Two quite polarized views can be identified.  First,  we have the massive great food conglomerates, backed by food organisations.   Here you should find a common message  such as  ” Hang o­n, don’t panic, we need more evidence and more research…”.

Then there are the consumers of food, and the consumer organisations which take a view  “There appears to be enough evidence, the additive should be removed now for the safety of all consumers “.  As far as the consumers are concerned they adopt a precautionary principle, which in effect is a ‘better safe than sorry’approach.  After all,  waiting for further research to be completed could take ages.  In the meantime, the health of consumers could continue to be affected,  if the initial research is supported by further studies.


Applied Science : Communications: Revision Activities


Here are some revision activities for

GCSE Applied Science:  Communications

Global Networks  Routing      Sports Photographer

TV Gallery  Ofcom  Communications Business

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You can also download the Hot Potatoes package


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